Monday, June 13, 2016

Facebook Pseudoscience

Did you see the news about Facebook manipulating our emotions? The horror!  It is surprising too because that means Facebook is the same as politicians, advertisers, narcissists, and your mother.

Here at the Boys Books offices, we all canceled out Facebook accounts. We re-activated our accounts a couple hours later because many of our friends thought we had been abducted by aliens.

The use of manipulation has a long tradition in science, especially in psychology. Psychology is both science and pseudoscience because our brains are messy. The pseudoscience is double trouble because psychologists have messy brains and think up messy experiments to prove their messy ideas.

What's the point? We are manipulating you by manipulating your belief in the manipulation of Facebook.


Tell your friends that you are quitting Facebook because too many people are too many emoji. Sign it of course with a sad emoji of your choice.


  1. How many respond with a happy emoji?
  2. How many quit with you?
  3. Has your psychologist prescribed a higher dose of antidepressants and are you surprised that your psychologist has been monitoring your Facebook posts?