Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quantum Stupidity

Quantum Holography

I was reminded today of two theories of the brain that burgle from two sciences, quantum theory and holography. Let's start with quantum.

The theory goes that conciseness arrises from quantum computers in our cells. Further the theory goes, not only are we super computers, but also our brain cells talk to each other via quantum entanglement.

Supposedly there are little tubes in our neurons that act as the quantum computers. A quantum computer does the computation by computing all possible answers at once. Sort of cool. Why add 2+2=4 when it is much faster to add all possible numbers and just pick 4. Strange but true.

Here is the problem: Quantum computing is really quantum stupidity. Our wonderful brains do not compute all possible answers and then pick the result that seems true. On the other hand, we do tend to select the first answer which is likely the silly answer.

Eat a cookie or a carrot, what is better? Cookie!

With quantum computing, you should be able to see all possible futures that can result from either the cookie or the carrot. The cookie of course is governed by quantum mechanics and only has mass when the mass is observed–assuming that when not observed, it is a wave–therefore the cookie is does not exist once it passes your nose. Or, as Richard Feynman put it:

“If you think you understand quantum theory, you don't understand Mrs. Field's Cookies.”

Holographic Cookies

The standard process for creating a hologram imprints the light of each part of an object an all parts of the surface of the holographic surface. Combined with a reference beam, the result is that depending on the angle of your view, the diffraction of  In other words, all the information of a 3D object's picture exists within the pieces of the hologram. If you create a hologram of a cookie and then cut out 1/10th of the hologram and you will still see the cookie in the smaller piece. The smaller piece might be a little fuzzier, but it will still look like the cookie.

If the universe is just a hologram, every piece of the hologram has a piece of cookie in it. Again, eating the cookie or not, you always are eating a cookie–even when eating a carrot.

Ipso Facto Delirium

As the facts show, cookies are a) not really here, and b) everywhere in the universe. So, go ahead and eat that cookie and read another book from Deepak Chopra who is fond of both concepts and cookies.