Monday, March 2, 2009

In the beginning, there was pseudoscience

This blog is about two types of science: Bad science and pseudoscience. Bad science is included because it is pseudoscience for all the good it does. The blog is meant to be fun and give you a good chuckle. We will try to change the world, but we are doing it with a smile on our faces. 

The goal is to recognize not just the pseudoscience, but why it exists. We are not going to bash people's intellegence like other blogs. There are some very real reasons people believe in nonsense. The human mind is a nasty and dirty place that lets all sorts of strange thoughts and beliefs run amok. 

We are not logic creatures. Wacking someone on the head with logic will usually annoy them. Better to find out that they are delusional by reading a blog. Really, that is one way. People like authority, even if it is a blog. We'll play some games with our delusional friends.

I'll cover subjects from good old fashioned science to, marketing, religion, and education. It is all fair game if their is a dodgy belief rather than hard science. 

Not going to get too deep into the guts of science. This is more not about calculators or statistics. If it is, you will be warned and can skip that bit. No reason for anyone to get hurt. We just want to uncover the incoherent bits that make people believe in the impossible. Calculator not required.

I'll need some help. Send me email. Write in the comments. I am working on a book of the same name and books don't write themselves. If you want to get your name mention (or not) in a book, please participate.

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